About K. C. Nag

"The Guru of Mathematics." All the mathematics books of K.C.Nag in the Secondary level were recommended as Text Books and praised by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. All his books have been evaluated and recommended by at least Fifteen (15) examiners which no other book can claim.

The mathematics books written by him are of such legendary value that the Vice Chancellors and Professors of different university and teachers forum used to term it as "The Bible of Mathematics." The Critic Circle of India and the leading news papers had acclaimed this book as an Ideal Guide to Mathematics Examination.

Mathematics books written by him are of unparallel and of exceptional value and to make it reach to such a height was his intensive , prolonged expertise as a Teacher, Examiner of CU, Head Examiner of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, Paper setter of W.B.C.S., Railway Board Examinations, P.S.C. etc. for the past Five Decades.