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President Modern Mathematics Class-VIII
By K.C.Nag
Price :Rs.90.00

The best book for School and any competitive examination of 8th standard. This book comprises of 30 chapters which are specifically written to cater to the needs of students of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, ICSE and Tripura Board of Secondary Education. The book is designed in such a way that students get their concepts clear about the topics. This book is thoroughly revised, enlarged and completely updated by experienced and renowned mathematicians. The concepts are put forward in a lucid and unambiguous manner and all efforts have been made to help students to enhance their knowledge of mathematics and equip them with all the skills necessary to succeed in mathematics exams.

Type: Hard Cover
By: Subhadip Mukherjee
Price: Rs.99.00

It is a convergence of bengali poetry and still photography .
There is still photographs in convergence with each of Subhadip's work given by Md.Main Uddin(arguably the best photographer of Bangladesh) and Rana Bose(one of the best celebrity photographers of India).