Type: Hard Cover
By: Subhadip Mukherjee
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Poetry by: Subhadip Mukherjee: Schooling from South Point, then St. Xaviers. Completed MBA from Xavier School of Management. Worked in various MNCs, presently employed with ESPN Star Sports. In his leisure time teaches Sales and Distribution some B-schools.Loves Graphology(study of hand-writing analysis), quiz and cricket.

Photographs by:
Md. Main Uddin : Main's journey into the visual world around us is a political agenda - it is like that of a story-teller in search of elements that need to be bombarded with visual allusions from unseen domains so that reinterpretation of our visual experiences can be possible. In this particular age where a specific form of 'sanity' makes us blind to almost everything beyond our momentary existences huddled inside shredded nights and days, Main's search begins with the 'non-existences' and the 'non-specific' - it makes a journey into the tormented terrains of the 'abnormal' and the 'forgotten' - areas that we have categorized as 'dangerous'. It is not just a search, it is a process of reinstating beliefs using visual-motifs that associate with the abnormal, residing somewhere in the subconscious, that we erase from our lives. He shakes the foundation of our complacent existences and through his photography forces us to relate as active visual signifiers to a world we try to destroy from within ourselves

Rana Bose: Becoming a fashion photographer had never been easy for Rana as he was determined to do no compromise with quality or adopt no shortcuts for a few quick bucks. Of late there is no dearth of work and he is consistently doing Fashion Photography and Model Portfolios across India as well as dropping his shutters for Product and Industrial shoots.